Корреспонденты обнаружили зависимость между Удальцовым и Таргамадзе


В беседе Накопия и Таргамадзе обсуждают прошедший (возможно, 5 мая 2012 года) собрание на Пушкинской площади Города Москва, также упоминается адаптация к акции оппозиции 6 июня.

«Бесспорно, это далеко не обозначает, что Гиви Таргамадзе ассигновал Сергея Удальцова и «Правый Фронт», но факт остается прецедентом: размещенные в процессе грузинской «битвы компроматов» записи демонстрируют, что между Гиви Таргамадзе и Сергеем Удальцовым или была прямая зависимость, или она проводилась через одного из представителей «Правого Фронта», — выделяют в GeorgiaTimes.

Подсрочный перевод на британский язык, расположенный на страничке Youtube создателями записи:

Nakopia: What is going on out there? I’м not sure, do you know Edick Tedeyan or not? I talked to him too.

Targamadze: No. I called him about the тайм of that short work so I think it was all over since Udaltsov had already been arrested.

Nakopia: Do you know what is happening right now? How much people were there?

Targamadze: There was a rally. Some 20 to 25 thousand people. It was a bit messy but Seryoga did it all right. He said that he privately didn’t want to consider that there was no election. On the 7th the swearing-in ceremony is taking place so on the 1st of May they fred hold a rally with as few people as possible. Now they are about to start working on it. As for Pushkinskaya, he also added that they should let know that they fred walk into the square эвери few days if not эвери day. When the rally was over, some 10 people followed him and then stood on his way. They stood on his way and did not let him go and all of them were colonels.

Nakopia: Giwi, there’с no шанс they can…

Targamadze: Yes. I tell you, the main thing they failed to стоп him. His is the right личность.

Nakopia: The main thing they failed to стоп him. They didn’t want to fuel fire.

Targamadze: That man has done it all. What else? He just went away. He behaved the way to force them arrest him. There was beating-up.

Nakopia: The more beating-up there fred be the better.

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